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Knowledge of canning equipment - development of two - piece canisters

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Knowledge of canning equipment - development of two - piece canisters

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In the 1940s, the British people used stamping technology in the production of tin containers and made shallow punching cans of aluminum alloy. Although this result is only a new application of traditional manufacturing technology, it has led to the innovation and development of canning container manufacturing technology. Since then, British and American companies and other countries have begun to study and improve the aluminum stamping tank manufacturing technology and production process. In the 1960s, these companies successively developed the technology of punching and drawing (DRD method) and thinning and drawing (D&I method). At the same time, aluminum companies in the United States developed the easy pull cover manufacturing technology. The combination of these two technologies has opened up a broad market for aluminum cans and promoted the perfection of aluminum can manufacturing technology and the development of its manufacturing industry. In the 1970s, the manufacturing technology of two-piece cans was quite perfect and began to spread all over the world. In the 1970s, Japan, Europe and other countries and regions introduced the production technology and equipment of two pieces of stamping tank. In the 1980s, China also began to introduce the production technology and production line of two-piece stamping cans.

Aluminum is the second metal material used in the production of metal containers, aluminum has rich resources, light quality, easy to process, corrosion resistance and other advantages. However, due to the large amount of energy consumed in the aluminum production process, the world aluminum price keeps rising, which limits the use of aluminum. For this reason, many countries have launched a campaign to recycle aluminum cans (recycling aluminum energy consumption theoretical value is only one-tenth of smelting aluminum). At the same time, aluminum can manufacturers are trying to improve the process and tank design, further reduce the thickness of the tank wall and reduce the diameter of the tank cover, in order to save aluminum and reduce costs. The weight of the aluminum cans is about 20~22kg per thousand. With the improvement of aluminum material performance and manufacturing process, the weight of aluminum cans is greatly reduced. According to relevant statistics, the weight of each thousand cans has dropped from 18.8kg in the 1960s to 15.4kg in the 1970s and 13.6kg in the mid-1980s.

At the same time, people also try to use the thin steel plate to make two pieces of stamping cans. After solving the technical problems of production, the tin plate and chrome plate (ECCS) can now be used to produce two stamping cans. After entering the 1990s, the supply of aluminum is increasingly tight, the price is rising, the cost of aluminum cans is about one time higher than steel cans, so most manufacturers are forced to switch to steel cans.



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