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Can material replacement

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Can material replacement

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Nearly ten years, because of the harsh requirements of environmental protection and resources increasingly scarce, global can material industry, guangdong industry and building industry, is undergoing a revolutionary change, metal recovery and recycling of packaging materials is more and more favored by people, more and more countries increased the use and development of coated iron coated iron material of use is gradually replacing traditional cans. Coated iron, coated aluminum, secondary cold rolled sheet metal, stamping tanks, drawing special-shaped tanks and easy to tear the lid, is slowly becoming the mainstream of the tank industry in developed countries. In Japan, coated iron has been widely used, food and beverage almost no longer use traditional coating iron as a packaging material. In France, the state requires BPA free food packaging, and the European Union requires a standard limit of 6ppb.

Compared with traditional materials can, coated iron can reduce the drying and curing process, the use of coated iron can theoretically reduce 68.89% of the energy consumption and 69.95% of CO2 emissions, 100% of the industrial water consumption, reduce 99.7% of the solid waste, can completely achieve green, low carbon, environmental protection. In addition, because the film is directly compounded on the metal surface and no longer USES various solvents, it can solve the food safety problem that bisphenol A harms human beings, eliminate the migration of harmful substances, and provide A reliable guarantee for the health and safety of food and beverage. In addition, coated iron coated materials using plastic film rather than tin, a large number of savings in tin this non-renewable resources consumption. In addition, coated iron in food metal cans, chemical cans, decorative cans and other industries, compared with the traditional printing iron process, its performance, material costs, production costs, environmental protection and energy consumption has more advantages.

The coated iron has strong under the guidance of OGS into China, OGS successful development of coated iron, not only to fill the domestic coated iron specialty films, coated iron technology and processing and manufacturing equipment as well as the domestic coated iron DRD food cans manufacturing technology of the blank, also filled the domestic coated iron special tensile resistance to high temperature resistant ink light oil products blank, realize the localization.



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