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Advantages and disadvantages of metal packaging containers

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Advantages and disadvantages of metal packaging containers

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Advantages and disadvantages of metal packaging containers:


1. Excellent barrier performance. Metal packaging containers can not only block such as air, oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide and other gases, but also can block light, especially ultraviolet light, so as not to cause the inner package of moisture, deterioration, decay and fading and fragrance changes.

2. Excellent mechanical properties. Because the metal packaging container is rigid, easy to operate, can withstand collision, vibration and stack, easy to transport and storage, so that the sales radius of goods greatly increased.

3. Good thermal conductivity. The efficiency of heating and cooling food metal cans is high, which can improve the effect of high temperature sterilization and rapid cooling.

4. Good processing adaptability. Due to the good ductility of the metal, it can achieve high precision and high speed production for the complex forming process. For example, the production speed of matou iron three-piece tank production line can reach 3600 cans /min. Such high productivity enables metal containers to meet a large number of consumer demands at a lower cost.

5. Easy to use. Metal packing containers are not easy to be damaged and easy to carry. Now a lot of beverage drink food to use can and easy to open lid combination, more increased use convenience, in order to adapt to the modern equipment fast rhythm of life, and widely used in tourism life.

The decoration is beautiful. Metal containers generally have a beautiful metallic luster, coupled with colorful graphic printing, but also added to the beauty of the goods. Because of this, when people give gifts, they often prefer to use metal container packaging goods.

7. Health and safety. Due to the use of appropriate coatings, the metal containers can fully meet the requirements of food containers for hygiene and safety.

8. Easy disposal of waste. Metal containers can be recycled and recycled after use. It not only recycles resources and saves energy, but also eliminates environmental pollution. Even if the metal is scattered in the soil after corrosion, it will not have a bad impact on the environment.

9. Good shielding performance. The protective packaging of high-tech electronic equipment can no longer stay on the basic protective functions such as moisture-proof, mould-proof, rust-proof and shock-proof. When electromagnetic wave penetrates the sensitive electrical devices in the equipment, its action is very similar to electrostatic discharge, which will cause the failure of electrical components, so that the equipment can not be used. The good shielding performance of metal packaging container makes it have the function of electromagnetic resistance and effective protection of high-tech electronic equipment.

10. Magnetic conductivity. Steel containers have magnetic conductivity, so magnetic force can be used for transport, etc.


1. Poor chemical stability. It is easy to rust under the action of acid, alkali, salt and moist air. This limits its use to a certain extent. But now USES each kind of performance fine coating, causes this shortcoming to be able to make up for.

2. Poor economy. So it's more expensive. This shortcoming is also being gradually improved through technological progress.



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