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What are the advantages of small can sealing machine?

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What are the advantages of small can sealing machine?

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Small can sealing machine can work alone or cooperate with the conveyor line for pipeline production. Small can sealing machine not only improves the production capacity and filling efficiency of small can sealing probability, but also expands the scope of application, from manual to semi-automatic, from semi-automatic production to automatic production, efficient completion of a variety of beverage filling and sealing operations. It is the latest generation of products replacing manual operation and semi-automatic production in the beverage equipment industry. It is the most ideal equipment for large beverage factories and food industry.


Small can sealing machine has advantages over semi-automatic small can sealing machine and manual operation, computer control, high production efficiency. The whole machine is made of food grade stainless steel ", and the small can sealing machine is controlled by microcomputer without manual intervention, which improves the production efficiency. Automatic filling, automatic sealing, reasonable results, advanced quantitative filling technology and stable sealing technology, reliable operation, low operation cost; General service life can increase 5 years above.

Small can sealing machine set filling, sealing, coding and one, the whole process, automatic cup drop, automatic quantitative filling, automatic sealing, automatic code production line and one of the equipment. Rigid container is to point to the container that its shape changes not easily after container is formed, its seal is multi-purpose the lid of different form of small-sized can sealing machine, commonly used sealing machine has the following a few kinds. Screw cap sealing machine. This kind of cover processes the internal thread beforehand, the thread has the single head or the multi-head cent.



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