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Metal can packaging industry problems

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Metal can packaging industry problems

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1. Lack of high-grade products

At present, in the market, the production capacity of two cans, three pieces of beverage cans, crown cover and chemical barrels below 18L is excessive, and the capacity of high-quality and high-grade products is obviously insufficient. Can produce small capacity, ultra-thin cans, suitable for supermarket shelf effect of atypical cans, boutique cans of enterprises too few. The variety of tank type is single, it is difficult to meet the requirements of further development of packaging, which restricts the development of metal packaging.

2. Low industrial concentration

Metal packaging industry is also small and medium-sized enterprises, private enterprises in the majority of the industry. Common phenomena such as small scale, low degree of intensification, low level of repeated construction, quality structure convergence, price competition and so on. Domestic canning group and other large enterprises and developed countries have a large gap between the size of enterprises.

3. Excessive dependence on imports

The metal container industry imports most of its equipment. At present, the international mainstream equipment has been developing towards the direction of digitalization, networking, high speed and low consumption, more environmental protection and humanization. However, the import situation of China's main metal packaging equipment and materials has not been fundamentally changed. It is suggested that the competent department of machinery manufacturing should pay attention to improving the performance of packaging machinery and equipment, and strive for less import, which is conducive to saving foreign exchange. In addition to printing iron equipment and air fog tank equipment, the introduction of other equipment should be careful to avoid repeated introduction.

According to a survey by the metal commission, the annual demand for aluminum cans has been hovering at 7 billion in recent years, and the annual demand for cold-rolled steel barrels is about 60 million. Metal cans are made of tinplate cold pressed sheet and aluminum sheet, which belong to packing materials of high technical specifications. In 2004, the metal container industry purchased 1.5 million t tinplate, a considerable part of which came from imported plates. In addition, the original plate imported from abroad is processed and tinned in China, which makes the country pay a lot of foreign exchange. Due to the dependence of plate, when China's steel industry raised the banner of anti-dumping in 2003, 2004, tinplate sales prices have been rising, the industry has encountered unprecedented difficulties (from June 2002 to date has increased 80% more, and the cost of metal canning industry increased, to the downstream industry transfer less than 20%).

4. Serious waste of resources

As China's packaging industry is still in the extensive mode of economic growth, large consumption of resources, is the world average level of two times, 4.3 times the United States, Japan's 11.5 times. China's energy consumption per unit of GDP is four times that of the United States and seven times that of Japan. For metal packaging, the energy consumption of iron and aluminum packaging materials (the same volume container) is 0.7KW/h for iron and 3kw/h for aluminum, and the energy consumption ratio is much higher than the proportion of other packaging materials.



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