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What is the maintenance method of the barrel making equipment?

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What is the maintenance method of the barrel making equipment?

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Muffler device in regular maintenance is essential in the use of less, in the process of maintenance, it also need to pay attention to some details, so as not to affect our normal use, the correct maintenance of the back to effectively improve our work efficiency, so small make up to you to introduce muffler device what need to pay attention to in maintenance.

Muffler in the process of the equipment in the maintenance of first in the muffler equipment and engine connected to the flange with about 50 ml rust-proof oil, shake muffler device for uniform rust-proof oil into the barrel, after starting the engine, due to the temperature rise gradually, muffler equipment after volatile rust-proof oil is heated, the tail will emit blue smoke, blue smoke will disappear after driving distance, after cancel drain plugs.



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