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Canning equipment -- the process of making tin cans

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Canning equipment -- the process of making tin cans

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The technology of tin can making:

1. All empty cans with internal paint are used to improve the corrosion resistance of metal packaging tin containers; At the same time, the electrochemical action of the metal can dissolve a small amount of iron out of the metal box.

2. Make stamping and forming. That is, a punch of the press is used to punch a flat plate into a cylindrical die so as to deform the metal plate into a circular tin can. The diameter of the iron box formed after the initial stamping can be reduced by the re-stamping process.

3. Cut the sheet iron sheet into long square iron sheets, roll the blank into cylinder shape, and weld the joints at both ends longitudinally to form cylinder shape. One end of the cylinder and the circular end cover are mechanically rolled and sealed, and the other end is loaded into the prepared tank cover to form the packaging tin can. The container is composed of the tank body, the tank cover and the tank bottom, so it is called a three-piece tank. Generally, three cans are used in iron cans, aluminum cans are used in two cans technology, offset printing technology is used in the patch, such three cans are not easy to carry candles. Easy to leak, if must use, it is recommended that the bone out of the coating glue, to prevent wax leakage. Usually these three - piece cans also need to prevent rust on the outside surface, still need to use printing. In the production of three pieces of tank note: before the end of the folding process to cut corners and cut; In the process of tin welding, the solder shall wipe the solder chip at the soldering place after soldering, and flanging shall be carried out after cooling, and the tank body shall be completed.

In addition, the requirements for the manufacture of hot drawing cans: dry beverage cans are required to carry out outer surface coating, printing and assembly, inner surface coating, flange molding and closing at the open end. For the food tin box in the cleaning process of outer surface coating, flange molding at the open end, cylinder body pressure ripple and inner surface coating or tin box at the low end is in the multi-mold pressure machine with pre-coated plate made of tin lid pressure corrugated reinforcement to bear the internal and external pressure.

Packaging tin cans due to excellent printing performance, beautiful metallic luster texture retention performance is widely used in various industries, because the production process of tin cans has its particularity, coupled with bright color graphic printing and advanced metal processing technology by consumers love!

Environmental protection requirements of packaging iron cans: when the iron cans exist in the environment, they can be naturally oxidized and return to the original state of iron oxide, and return to nature. Therefore, the stack of waste iron boxes can be decomposed by time and will not cause residual environmental pollution. At the same time, we do not need to cut down trees to make iron cans, which will not damage the ecological balance and meet the requirements of international environmental protection products. The use of iron boxes is more safe, sanitary, and effectively reduce the amount of garbage, recycling operations have direct and obvious benefits, in various industries has become a trend.

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