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Jiujiang xingda can machinery co., LTD

Address: no.342 industrial park, qianjin road, jiujiang city, jiangxi province

Official net: www.198law.com

Telephone: 159-0792-0939

The true: 0792-8271072

Mail editor: 332007


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Zd-68 large garden six roller automatic can sealing machine Zdx-68x small square 6 roller automatic can sealing machine Zdx-68 small square 6 roller automatic can sealing machine Zd-68 large circle 6 roller automatic can sealing machine Zd-88 generous 8 roller automatic can sealing machine Zd-48 large circle automatic can sealing machine Q4A28 pneumatic small square can sealing machine Zd-28 small square automatic can sealing machine Zd-a9 small round automatic can sealing machine Q4A8 pneumatic large round can sealing machine Q4A9 pneumatic small round can sealing machine Zd-28i generous automatic can sealing machine Q4A28 pneumatic generous can sealing machine ZDIF small circle automatic flanging machine Q4A28 pneumatic square tank sealing machine Zdf-18 generous automatic flanging machine Small round tank automatic production line DNZ60B automatic dual head point earphone Jiujiang Xingda Tank Making Machinery Co. Dt-20 end folding and stamping machine Automatic small square production line 4A7 special-shaped can sealing machine YKT-18 flanging machine for rising bar Flower blue automatic production line 18L square automatic production line Yf-4 small square flanging machine Q4A9 pneumatic can sealing machine Automatic glue injection machine Small square integrated machine Yjk-20 preroll flanging machine If-4 round can flanging machine Zg-20 round edge gluing machine Yzj-20 mouth expansion machine Fb2000-b rear feed seam welder R-40 round cutter plate shears YZT - 20 bloated body machine Generous all-in-one machine DN40A single point earphone C - 20 roll forming machine Cy400-at automatic rounder YCF-4 small square machine YF - 18 flanging machine Rubber injection machine DN60A dual point headset Tank making machinery Tank making equipment QJ - 20 Angle cutter YYT - 18 all-in-one Round edge machine Automatic feeder Sealing machine Flower basket Small square Process tank Can machine bottom line 2 d5 dryers Small tank Open-tank Ltd.

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